Osmany Viera Rodriguez

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Born and raised in Havana, Cuba. Osmany moved to Berlin, Germany 11 years ago, to later join a cast of internationally acclaimed musicians, dancers and singers, with a show introduced by Siegfried and Roy to pursue a career as an entertainer in Las Vegas, Nevada. From that very moment, he fell in love with what this city had to offer.

He is a people person and loves to help others, so the transition to the Real Estate industry was natural for him. It was in 2008 when he joined a major brokerage to become a bilingual (Spanish/English) short sale negotiator, and quickly acquired a strong understanding of different areas of real estate, earning the recognition of his peers and exceeding all expectations.

With a vast experience as a Senior Loss Mitigations Adviser, and a remarkable proven track record negotiating and closing short sale transactions, he is an asset to any homeowner or homebuyer out there in destabilized market conditions.

Currently proud to be part of The Agency Team, he continues to be blessed by assisting his clients achieve their financial goals and creating memorable experiences along the way.

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