Buying a house in Las Vegas!

Buying a house for the first time comes packaged with a lot of confusion and questions that need to be answered. Buying a new home requires a level of patience and dedication that not many people have in all the excitement of their new house!

The most important thing that anyone needs when they are buying a new house is a real estate agent who gets it. Who gets that this is a big deal, and who will go above and beyond for their buyer when taking them to view new homes. There are a few things that sellers expect from a real estate agent when selling a house, and this is no different for home buyers. We take our service seriously at TTR Las Vegas, which is why our top producing buyer’s agents have an advantage over the competition. Checking out houses for sale means looking for the best real estate agent possible who can help you to buy a home.

So, when it comes to looking at houses for sale, what should be expecting from your real estate agent? The following list is something that you should ensure that you get from your buyer’s agent when you buy your home.


When you buy a house, you need honesty. You need to be able to find someone who will adhere to the stringent code of ethics and standards of practice that are set out for licensed real estate agents. It comes down to judgment, but your real estate agent should give you a good feeling. It can also help you to get recommendations from friends and others that you trust – so you can be sure that you’re getting the honest service you deserve.


Lack of communication is one of the biggest reasons that people fire their real estate agents. You don’t want to be in the pool looking for houses for sale and finding a real estate agent who doesn’t reply to emails or contact back when they say that they will. Even if your agent doesn’t have an answer to your question, an acknowledgement of a text or email is the least that you should expect.


We know that technology is changing on a daily basis, and it’s no different for those charged with looking after houses for sale. Your real estate agent should be using the most cutting edge technology, including digital signature software and a mobile app. Both of these technologies will help with the home buying process.


It doesn’t matter what you’re buying; you need professionalism from the person selling it to you. You should expect that your real estate agent will respect your time and show up when they say that they will. Late real estate agents show a severe lack of professionalism, and any red flags like this should be picked up and called on immediately.

Lastly, the one thing you really want? An agent with tenacity and an excellent reputation. You’re looking for a forever home, and the way to get that is with someone who will negotiate actively for you.