What to Look For When Buying a House

What makes a home worth buying? There are as many answers as there are prospective homeowners. Knowing your wants and needs can help, but those who are fresh to the market might not be certain they have the right priorities. For that reason, we’re going to give you an idea of the most important factors to keep an eye out for when browsing the housing market.

Does the area meet your needs?
Deciding on your core values and the lifestyle you want is an essential starting point and can help you narrow down the location you want to look in quickly. Are you looking for a family-friendly suburban neighborhood with great access to schools and an easy commutable route? Or are you a young professional looking for proximity to the retail and commercial areas of the city? Do you rely on public transport or do you need access to roads for driving yourself? Figure out these questions and we can make it much easier to narrow your search down.

Rooms, sizes, and fundamentals
Next, you have to consider how many are moving in and what kind of spaces you need. Does a potential home have enough bedrooms to fit all the family? If there are more of you, do you have enough bathrooms? Are you considering adding another to the family in the near future? How much storage do you need? If you’re a more social sort, does it have a large kitchen or dining area and do you have bathrooms located conveniently for guests?

Are you able to handle the work that comes with a home?
Getting an inspection of the home is crucial to know what you’re really potentially buying. Issues with plumbing, electrics, roofing, insulation and more can be easy to miss to the untrained eye. When you have a complete picture of how complete the house is or isn’t, you have to ask yourself seriously how much work you’re willing to put into it. Buying a fixer-upper can help you maintain a lower budget, but you have to be prepared for the investment of time and money that gets it into shape, too.

Don’t neglect the yard
What kind of outdoor space do you want? Do you want a garden that you can grow and manage on your own, or would you prefer a yard with more livable space like a patio or decking? Does the garden offer enough room to customize how you like and are you willing to put in the work to finish it?

Don’t get too caught up on the details
The décor of the home can be distracting, but you shouldn’t get hung up on it. The furniture and design elements are likely to be all stripped out when you get the keys, after all. Try to look at the functionality of the rooms themselves, not how they’re dressed up.

Having an eye for what you want when buying a house is a plus. Having a realtor who knows both what to look for and the market that you’re in can inform your decisions even more. Top Tier Realty is here to help with all house buying needs in Las Vegas, so if you want to know where to really look for the home that can fit all your requirements, get in touch.