Should I Buy a New Home or Resale Home?

 The question of whether you should buy a new house or a resale house depends on things like your lifestyle preferences and financing needs. You may prefer a resale home even though you are aware that it requires refurbishment. On the other hand, you may have your heart set on a new home however, there is a lack of newly built houses available in the location you had in mind.

Both new homes and resale homes each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Knowing what these pros and cons are can make your purchase journey a whole lot easier. In this article, Top Tier Realty will provide you with the important info you need to make this big decision.


Affordability is probably the most significant step that prospective buyers need to consider. First-time buyers looking to purchase a property typically prefer resale homes as they are much cheaper than newer houses, even though many people do not know about the other costs involved during the process of buying and transferring the property. Resale homes also often need a lot of repair and care after purchase. Newer homes are generally more expensive, but you could potentially save on maintenance fees and services as the home is newly built. All the components of the house should be in good working order as they are newly installed in the building.

Maintaining your Green Footprint

When buying a home, many people have concerns about prospective electricity bills and generally green energy costs. Newer homes are considered as a better choice as newly constructed homes will have to follow much stricter national code standards for environmental conservation as opposed to the houses built at an earlier time. Newer homes now offer an energy conservation certificate when purchasing the house. There are virtually no resale homes that provide a certificate because their energy conservation standards were much lower when they were built years ago. Renovating a resale home to match up to the energy conservation standards of today can be costly but if you find a house for a great price then it may be alright. Energy conservation features are important in a house because if it is absent then it could cause respiratory diseases.

Fittings, Wiring, and Flexibility of Space

A completely new home is already equipped with safe light fittings and other fixtures that guarantee a stress-free remedy for a longer period. There are always almost always wiring problems in resale homes. When you purchase an old house, the design aspects are already planned out. While purchasing a new home allows you to guide and suggest your custom designs to the developer once it is in the construction phase.

Financial Aid

When you purchase a resale property, the process is very long which involves a background verification of different aspects as well as the organization of transfer documents. It would be much easier to obtain a home loan for a resale home than it would be for a brand-new home.

Resale Value

Many people believe that they will be living in the same home for eternity. However, most of the time they decide to sell up for countless reasons. However, the resale value of an already older resale home will never be the same as that of a recently built house. The resale house will hold a higher value.